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Marlbrook Primary School


Welcome to Marlbrook Collaboration of Schools! 

Welcome to our school website, which I hope you will find both entertaining and informative. It will be changing over the coming half term, so look out for new pages and even more links to school based activities and events.


As you know, we have always been, and continue to be, extremely proud of our school and our children, not just in terms of standards (which I'm pleased to say continue to be high), but also in terms of students behaviour, students achievements in and outside school and students attitude to our school community.

On the website, we try to keep information and news as up top date as possible, so there is always something new to read and enjoy - including details about school projects, photographs of events, pieces of work by children and newsletters, as well as lists of policies and holiday dates.

Regarding our school aims : 

  • We want all of our children to achieve their full potential by offering them a high quality, challenging, diverse curriculum.

  • We aim to foster a community that feels safe, secure, supported and valued - a community that encourages tolerance and respect, that celebrates success in its many different forms.

  • We aim to provide a huge range of experiences, not just during the school day, but before school, after school and through the school holidays.

  • Finally, we aim to involve the whole school community in shaping our future, empowering individuals to make choices and become better citizens.

You can find our detailed Mission Statement and School Aims on the Newsletter page. We also have more than 80 policies that are updated on a rolling programme. I haven't included them all on the website, but they include policies on : behaviour, anti-bullying, uniform, charges, e-safety, all curriculum subjects, child protection and safeguarding, finance, parental involvement and health and safety. If you want to see any of them please ask - we can provide copies.

Finally, please keep sending us messages and asking questions about the website and the school .... everyone in Marlbrook is a learner, and we are always keen to develop and improve.

Thanks for joining us.

Tracey Kneale CBE,