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Marlbrook Primary School

Research and Development

As a teaching school we are constantly looking into new areas of research into Education. We have had several articles published and many pending. If you have any research interests or would like to discuss our R and D strand further please email tsadmin@marlbrook.hereford.sch.uk 


Please click on the articles below for an initial abstract. To read the full document please request it by emailing tsadmin@marlbrook.hereford.sch.uk


Precision teaching and number facts- Primary Mathematics, 2014

Working towards a child friendly approach to division - Mathematics Teaching 2014

A Home school programme for learning multiplication facts- Association for the Teaching of Mathematics, 2015

What value ‘value-added?’- Forum, 2015

Creativity in Primary Mathematics, Journal of the Philosophy of Mathematics Education, 2015

‘Mindfulness’ in mathematics education Mindfulness, 2015

Mindfulness and testing number fact retrieval.