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Marlbrook Primary School


CEO Tracey Kneale CBE
Executive Head Sue Jenkins

Executive Deputy Head

Emma Blankley

Assistant Head Teacher 


Claire Smethurst

Assistant Head Teacher

Head of Early Years

Helen Osborne
Nursery Teacher Holly Ball
Nursery Assistant Caroline Broad
Nursery Assistant Claire Bowkett
Reception Teacher Beth Wilson
Reception Teacher  Gemma Stephens
Reception Teacher Rebecca Thomas
Teaching Assistant Clare Holder
Teaching Assistant J Watkins
Teaching Assistant Sipping Yu/Lucy Preece
Teaching Assistant Sue Pritchard
Teacher Year 1 Teleri James
Teacher Year 1 Katie Subak-Sharpe
Teacher Year 1 Toni Douthwaite/Nicola Evans
Teaching Assistant Collette Stroucken
Teaching Assistant Zoe Cripps
Teaching Assistant Rian Smith
Teacher Year 2 Anna Priday / Lauren Murphy
Teacher Year 2 Alicia Lord
Teacher Year 2 Lucy Doyle
Teaching Assistant Jess Francis
Teaching Assistant Erika Mitchell
Teaching Assistant Jo Davies
Teacher Year 3 Victoria Barker
Teacher Year 3 Ruth Turner
Teacher Year 3

Lauren Andrews (Assistant Headteacher & Yr3&4Lead)

Lauren Andrews

Teaching Assistant Rose Howells
Teaching Assistant Jessica Pickford
Teaching Assistant Angela Newman
Teacher Year 4 Emma Benjamin
Teacher Year 4 Emma Griffiths
Teacher Year 4 Adam Tunna
Teaching Assistant Jurate Beytula
Teaching Assistant Cheri Longhurst
Teaching Assistant Nila Gribbin
Teacher Year 5 Nicole Smith
Teacher Year 5 Guy Habbits
Teacher Year 5 Jamie Anderson-Kirby
Teaching Assistant Dawn Devereaux
Teaching Assistant Claire Burton
Teaching Assistant Chloe Rogers
Teaching Assistant Jocelyn Hatt

Teacher Year 6


Sam Morgan (Assistant Head Teacher, Y5&6 Lead)
Teacher Year 6 Laura Morris
Teacher Year 6 Jo Caldicott
Teaching Assistant Paula Preedy
Teaching Assistant Melissa Davies
Teaching Assistant Vicky Shaw
Teaching Assistant Margaret Watkins
Teacher PPA Justine Buckley
Teacher PPA Gemma Hutton
Teacher PPA Cath Hybart
Business Manager Julie Worsfold
Administrator Becky Allsopp
Administrator Sue Williams
Administrator Charlotte Roberts
Student Support Marc Cripps
Student Support Zoe Eggar 
Student Support Kevin Griffin
Student Support  Angela Partridge
Student Support Jo Thomas-Robins
Extended School Manager Hilary Gauntlet-Small
Extended School Deputy Manager Rebekah Lloyd
Caretaker Shane Staples
Caretaker Pete Smith
Caretaker Panagiotis Michail
Cleaner Ms Anderson
Cleaner Mrs Phillips
Lunchtime Supervisor and Cleaner

Mrs Watkins

Mrs Morgan

Mrs Devereaux

Breakfast and Lunch Supervisor Mrs Maund
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Oliver
Catering Assistant Mrs Dyer
Catering Assistant Mrs Tyler