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Welcome to the Reception Page!


Home Learning

This week we have put together lots of ideas that can keep you busy.

You may want to focus on an activity for the morning and afternoon. But try and make sure you include a Maths and Phonics game each day.


Don’t forget to use your Bug Club login to access your reading books online!!


Writing ideas:

Collect and write: collect some items on a tray from around the house, cover them and see if you can write a list of all the items you had collected.


Phonics Games: 

sound mat 


Maths Games:

  • Sing a counting song

  • Play pegs and Hanger: Using the number sentence cards and pegs from your washing line and a coat hanger. Make the number sentences. Counting on from the most pegs to find your total.                     Addition to 10                   Addition to 20
  • Go on a walk, collect 8 natural items you find. Can you place them in order of size? Weight?
  • Missing number tracks. click here
  • Make your own Skittles: using 10 bottles or plastic cups place them out and roll a ball to see how many you have knocked over. How many are left? Can you count backwards from 10? Can you write this out as a subtraction sentence?
  • Snakes and ladders Click Here


Indoor activities:


  • Make your own Play dough

    1 cup of flour
    ½ a cup of salt
    ½ a cut of boiling water
    Mix altogether adding more flour or water as needed until it forms a dough. Add a colour to your playdough if you have it.


  • Make your own frozen banana ice pop

  1. Cut a banana in half.
  2. Push a stick into the centre of the banana.
  3. Coat it in melted chocolate.
  4. Add decorations to it.
  5. Put in freezer for 3 hours.


Outdoor activities:

      • Have a teddy bears picnic for lunch? Go out into the garden and bring your teddies with you to enjoy the sunshine. Can you help make a sandwich? Maybe you could go for a walk to a local park of field to have your picnic. Ensure you social distance.
    • Footprint stamp: can you paint your feet and stamp them outdoors or use water to create your footprint. See who has the biggest foot print. Can you put them in order from the smallest to the biggest?


Get Active videos:

Join in with Pudseys stretches

Join Joe Wicks with his moves

Become a super mover

Get Moving with sticky kids

Get wiggling


Enjoy a story: