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 Just look at our wonderful outside area - what a wonderful place to play and explore! There is so much that we can learn and experience when playing outdoors.


 The willow tunnel


Our tree house


 Our sandpit

Autumn Term 2019

We are so excited to be beginning a new year in Nursery. Welcome back to the children who started with us during the spring/summer of last year and Hello to our lovely new starters. During these first few weeks we will be focusing on the routines of Nursery and getting to know each other. We will be making the most of our wonderful outside area that was completed last term and spending lots of time exploring it, talking about what we see, hear and touch and developing our physical skills.

We have already started having a circle time every session and we will be having daily phonics sessions, focusing on phase one phonics.


Spring Term

This term we will be learning lots of traditional tales and and number rhymes. We started the term with Goldilocks and the Three Bears, which we loved! We've been telling the story using different voices for each of the bears and matching big objects to Daddy bear, medium ones to Mummy bear and small objects to Baby bear. We have been using our senses to explore oats, including our sense of taste, as we ate the oats in porridge! 

If you would like to sing some of our number rhymes at home, follow the links below.



Welcome to Nursery!




Mrs Jones and Mrs Whitesman are our Nursery teachers. Mrs Jones works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Mrs Whitesman works Thursday, Friday and alternate Wednesdays.We also have Mrs Bowkett and Miss Lawrence who are our wonderful teaching assistants.

We work from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) document Nursery (see the web link below for more details). This means the grown-ups observe us and plan next steps from our interests. Many of the activities we do are child initiated where our adults 'plan in the moment' how to take our learning forward. Some of our activities are adult led to ensure that all areas of the EYFS are covered.

We have access to our indoor and outdoor provision. Whatever the weather we love exploring the outdoors particularly in our forest school site. This is a fantastic area where the children get stuck in in the mud kitchen, walk through the forest and explore the 'loose parts.' 

Our Nursery is a safe, secure and caring environment where we all have lots of fun and make lots of mess together.
In our nursery our grown ups support us to become enthusiastic, inquisitive and independent learners.  We encourage each other to try new things and challenge ourselves. Our resources are open ended allowing for our imaginations to run wild.

Just look at some of the things we get up to in Nursery.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to speak to a member of staff before or after your child's Nursery session.


Many thanks

The Nursery children and the Nursery team.


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