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Welcome to the Year 2 Page!


We hope that you had an enjoyable Easter break and we look forward to a busy Summer term in Year 2.

Our topic work this term will centre around Pirates.  Firstly we will be learning about key historical pirate figures such as Blackbeard.  We will be thinking about what Pirates wore and using what we have learnt about them to inspire some writing, such as the day in the life of a Pirate. Linking this theme through our Art and DT, we will be making 3D models using junk materials, using collage skills to create pictures based around the coast and experimenting with pencil drawings.  In Science, we will be learning about Animals and their habitats and plants, even carrying out an investigation into the best conditions to grow plants in.

Below are the PE times for the different classes;

2H – Outdoor PE Tuesday afternoon and Indoor PE Thursday afternoon

2P and 2WV – Outdoor PE Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon

Please ensure children have the correct P.E kit in school all week as we often have opportunities throughout the year to take part in physical activities.  Please also make sure that all items are clearly named.

Reading is a very high priority in Year 2 and we would urge you to hear your child read as often as possible.  As well as encouraging your child to become a fluent and expressive reader, talking about what they have read and asking your child questions about their books will also help them to understand.  We will continue to hear your child read in school regularly.  In English, we will be studying The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. The children will be developing their writing skills using the themes in the book and responding to what they have read. In addition, we will continue to teach phonic skills to enable your child to both read with increasing fluency and spell unfamiliar words.

We will continue to develop our core number and calculation skills in Maths, with a growing emphasis on being able to apply these skills and knowledge in a range of problem-solving contexts. Building a rapid recall of basic number facts remains central to our children’s progression, so please continue to support your children with their times tables and number bond learning.

Your child will receive spellings and alternate English and Maths homework every Friday to be tested the following Friday.  (Please see letter regarding Spring 1 homework).  If your child is absent on the day new spellings are given, please remind them that they need to collect a copy on their return.  A few minutes a night spent on these, really helps children retain information for longer. 

Please feel welcome to discuss your child or any concerns or queries you may have throughout the year.  If you could make the teacher aware that you would like a discussion we will gladly make a time available to you.  Please be aware that the start of the school day is often a very busy time and it might not always be possible to discuss your child there and then.

 We look forward to another exciting term.

 Many thanks,

 Mrs Welsh, Mrs Vedmore, Mrs. Hudson and Miss Parrett