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Welcome to the Year 1 Page

Our Staff – Teachers: Mrs Evans, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Vedmore, Mrs Westlake

                    Teaching Assistants: Mrs Clarke, Mrs Cripps, Miss Davies, Miss Harrison


 Welcome to week 5 of the summer term! 

We hope you are all able to access the online learning; either here on the website or on seesaw. Please find attached this week's learning for you to do.  All of our activities are following on from the magic week last week by looking at some magic in nature. We will be focusing on the story of The Hungry Caterpillar and how he magically transforms into something else!

We are keen to know what you are all doing at home and would like to say a BIG thank you to all of you who have posted work onto your seesaw account. We have loved seeing your work and the wonderful photos of you and what you have been doing. You should now be able to edit the work straight onto Seesaw. 

Do keep practising your phonics! There are some great activities for each day to help practise your reading and writing skills. 

Your home learning pack has a Phonics, Handwriting, Maths and English activity for each day, as well as a selection of activities that cover the other subjects. If you can, try to do a little maths and English each day, even if it's just 20 minutes. We would also recommend that you read together and do a short phonics activity every day. Please follow your child's interests and if one day is more of a maths day, then do that. These ideas are to guide you and support you but don't feel pressured to do it all everyday.

Enjoy sharing books and reading together, even if that is reading a recipe as you are baking or reading a bedtime story to your child. 

Remember, you're doing a fantastic job during this difficult time. Be kind to yourself and thank you for all you are doing. Keep safe!

The Year One team