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Hello and welcome to 5F! Our teacher is Miss Fallon and we are lucky enough to be supported by Miss Childs. We are really lucky this year as we also have our student teacher, Mrs Norman joining us throughout the year!

Autumn term


Our text focus this term are the famous and inspiring Greek myths and legends. The children tell me that they are very excited about studying these and have really enjoyed starting with the infamous “Pandora’s box”. We will continue to use these texts to develop different styles of writing. Children will also have a weekly comprehension lesson and a Big Write session once a fortnight.  This is where the children complete a given writing task completely independently, in silence.

The children will also be given weekly spellings, these will be handed out on Monday and tested on the Friday of that week. If your child is away when the spellings are handed out, please remind them to collect a copy upon their return to school.

Our reading targets for this term focus on deduction, inference and interpretation, which include making predictions, talking about characters and comparing settings. In writing, our focus is on improving our writing through using a variety of ways to start sentences, including fronted adverbials. We will also be working hard to improve our presentation and handwriting throughout the year.


Reading remains a priority and we would urge you to hear your child read as often as possible. I would like to stress that your child will be heard read in school on a weekly basis, but this will not be every day. Please make sure that you have time to discuss what you have read together, as this helps your child to understand what they have read.


In maths we will be focusing on all four number operations, fractions and measures. The children will be using written and practical methods to embed this area of mathematics. As well as this we will be deepening our understanding of shape and data handling. We will continue to improve upon our recall of times tables and multiplication facts.


In history this term we will be studying the Ancient Greeks in great detail! We have already started looking at where Greece is and how they have had a lasting effect on history. Our Science work this term will be based on space until half term. After half term we will start studying forces. Our art lessons are also linked to our work on the Ancient Greeks, the children will be designing and making their own theatre mask and Greek snack!

P.E takes place twice a week on Tuesday and Fridays. This term we will have our indoors slot on a Tuesday with Mr Hughes, learning and improving upon multi-skills. Friday afternoons is our outdoors slot. As the weather begins to get a little chilly, the children might need tracksuit bottoms or a warm fleece. Please make sure that all items are clearly named as children often get their PE kit muddled. Also, could you please ensure children have the correct P.E kit in school all week.


If you have any concerns or queries please come in and speak to us. The mornings can sometimes be a very busy time and it might not always be possible to discuss things but we are happy to see you after school. Wednesdays are best avoided as we have staff meetings.