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Welcome to 4T's Class Page!

We hope you had a fantastic summer and the children are now well and truly back into the swing of school life!

In English we are studying the themes, settings and characters found in our class book ‘The Iron Man’. We will also be exploring different styles and imagery within poetry, with a focus on Ted Hughes, one of our chosen authors for the year. Later on in the term, we will be reading and studying information texts and persuasive writing

In Maths, We will be focusing on number and place value, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and putting them into context through word problems. We will also look at handling data, shape and measure. There will be a particular focus on learning times tables as by the end of Year 4 the children should know all of their tables upto the 12x table! Any help and practice you can do with your children at home with maths related activities e.g. cooking, measuring, telling the time or tables practice would really help them and assist them in class.

In Science, we are learning about electricity and how circuits work, along with which materials are insulators and conductors. After half term, we will move on to learning all about humans and animals, where we will be studying the skeleton, muscles, teeth and the digestive system.  

Our PE is on Mondays and Thursdays and we have been practicing our netball skills so far with the help of Mr Solway! Our indoor PE sessions are focussed on dance and these sessions, run by Nic’s School of Dance, are absolutely fabulous and the children love them! Please make sure PE kits are in school throughout the week so your children don’t miss out!

In History we have been learning about life in Anglo-Saxon times and in particular will be looking at clothing, housing, importance historical figures and explorers. We hope to go to a workshop on the Anglo-Saxons at Hereford Cathedral on the 8th November and are just waiting for our booking to be confirmed! It was great fun last year and some of the children got to dress up in Anglo Saxon clothing! We also got to make our own swords and visit the crypt at the Cathedral!

Mr Groves has been coming in as well to teach us how to play the ukulele and we're loving his sessions and singing along as well!  

Reading continues to be a very high priority in Year 4 and we would urge you to hear your child read as often as possible.  As well as encouraging your child to become a fluent and expressive reader, talking about what they have read and asking your child questions about their books will also help them to understand.  We will continue to hear your child read in school regularly.   Your child receives homework on Fridays and some spellings and times tables each week to learn.

On the subject of spellings, these are sent home on a Thursday and your child will be tested on the following Thursday - we will also be working on these spellings through the week. Your child has also had their personalised spellings updated (now on a yellow card!) to learn this half term and these are part of the statutory list they should know by the end of year 4. If your child is absent on the day new spellings are given, please remind them that they need to collect a copy on their return.  A few minutes a night spent on these really helps children maintain information for longer.

We hope that your child is enjoying their learning in class 4T. Please feel welcome to discuss your child or any concerns or queries you may have throughout the year. 

Mr Thomas, Mrs Perrie & Mrs Burton